3 Makeup Bag Essentials And Amazing Tips To Stay Organized

Ever been out and about, just needing that ultra-quick makeup fix? Or did you just ever want to pair your makeup down with some essentials you can use anywhere? Whether you are looking for a quick makeup refreshment or an on-the-go makeup junkie, you need your makeup bag everywhere with you. 


We are going to be talking about a few essentials for your makeup bag that should definitely be with you at all times. After which, we will be talking about incredible ways to organize everything in your vanity bag! 


3 Essential Products For Your Makeup Bag



All of these makeup essentials will fit your budget and require extremely little space in your vanity bag. 


1. Makeup Wipes 


Makeup wipes are a must-have for everyone in their vanity bags. We all love to have them at home just to wipe off all that pesky smokey eye makeup before you actually start with your cleansing and skincare routine at night. Makeup wipes are amazing and convenient to have at your disposal during the day, no matter what time it is. 


If you require a refresher, just one swipe can help you remove all the excess product buildup and oil throughout the day. Your skin will be left clean without having to find a water source! Your makeup wipes must be safe to be used around your face and eyes and should be gentle on your skin. 


2. Concealer 


Concealer is an amazing addition to your vanity bag because of its incredible uses. No matter what problems you are facing, dark circles, pimples, or just struggling with a no-makeup look, a little bit of concealer comes to your rescue. It makes you feel awake and fresh and even-toned. 


Concealers usually come in small tubes and can be applied easily with the help of the same. You can either dab and blend it with your ring finger or just use a concealer brush to blend it in your skin. But, ring finger works the best for the same! 


3. Tinted lip balm 


One of the worst experiences you could have, especially during winters, is dry and chapped lips. Tinted lip balms are an amazing essential for your makeup bag. A tinted lip balm comes in a wide variety of shades, with different opacity levels, and, of course, the incredible sheen and moisture are provided to your pout. 


You should always have a tinted lip balm in your makeup bag to eliminate different steps to put on some moisturizer and then a lip shade and some gloss. You can even use some lip balm on your cheeks by dabbing with the help of your ring finger to get that natural flush. 


Cleaning And Organizing Your Makeup Bag



Yes, we can all agree that sometimes rummaging through our makeup bags and finding our hands in the midst of dirty products is a terrible experience. It is also heartbreaking for hardcore makeup lovers to see their favorite foundation spilling all over the place or their favorite eyeshadow palette crumbling down to pieces. 


It can also be pretty difficult to get ready when your makeup bag is overflowing with products. You need to take this stress away from yourself. This mess is not what you deserve. It is now time to give your makeup bag the refreshment it deserves. 


Here, we are sharing some amazing tips on cleaning and organizing your makeup bag. 


1. Know what you own


The primary step you should be taking here is to take everything out of your makeup bag. Understand what you have. Take a look at all your products and make a small inventory list. It might seem like an unnecessary step, but you would sometimes be surprised to see what’s hidden deep beneath the surface. 


After making a small list, throw what you no longer need or use. Anything you have not used in the past 6 months is something you probably will not use again. So, either recycle or donate it. You can even check for expired makeup and dump the things that cannot be used by anyone. 


 2. Take care of your beauty blenders and brushes


It might make sense to you to keep every blender, brush, and makeup product together in one place. However, note that you should be actually throwing your makeup blenders, sponges, and brushes in a different location, other than your own makeup. 


God forbid, if something leaks and spills inside your makeup bag, all the other products, including your sponges and brushes, will also be in a state of mess! It is both unhygienic and annoying on multiple levels. So, keep everything protected by putting it all in a separate pouch or a bag. 


3. Invest in multi-use products 


One of the best ways to save some extra space in your go-to makeup bag and keep it well-organized is to invest in multi-use products. Rather than keeping a powder foundation and a setting powder separately, you should be using one that works wonders for you. I personally love the Mac Powder Foundation since it solves both my purposes. 


So, if you are actually very tight on space, you can use a single product instead of keeping two or three different kinds. You can even try to use your lip shades as your blush. Just keep everything at a minimum and together. 


4. Wipe down every single product 


Clean up all the products you take out of your makeup bag and remove all the gunk, like any dripping foundation, smeared mascara, smudges of any eye pencil, or lipsticks. Clean down all of the outer packages. While you are at it, also clean your makeup bag. If you have experienced smudges and spillage on your makeup products, you are also bound to have them inside your makeup bag. 


Hold the makeup bag upside down and throw all the useless waste items into the trash. Get rid of every single loose debris. Then proceed with cleaning the makeup bag with either soapy water and letting it dry or with disinfectant wipes. If it is made out of plastic, you can simply turn it around, inside out, and wipe it down with makeup remover wipes too. 


5. Organize The Products By Size


When your makeup bag is all clean, it is now time to organize your products. It is wise to really organize everything according to the size. Instead of aimlessly throwing everything back into your vanity bag, group items as per size. 


You can even go ahead and start putting together all square and circular makeup products differently. For example, all your bronzers, blushes, and face powders can go together in a pile if they are all circular palettes. 


You can group together all slender products, such as your mascara, eyeliners, lip liners, glosses, brow gels, etc. By organizing your products together like this, you will not have a hard time finding everything, especially when you are in a hurry to get ready. 


Also, it is important to have a makeup bag with a few partitions so that everything can be grouped together in different compartments. 


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