The Top 12 Denim Jeans Trends For Women This Year


Denim word originates from the name of the fabric, "serge de Nimes," where serge means "sturdy cloth" and de Nimes means "the town of Nimes, France." Jeans are an all-season wardrobe essential. "I'm just like any other woman: I have a closet full of things but nothing to wear. So, I wear jeans." Says Cameron Diaz. Each season introduces fresh ways to style this classic fabric. While you may have a favorite pair that you constantly go for, it's fun to occasionally branch out from your denim comfort zone. Now is the time to experiment: there hasn't been a lack of cool but divisive styles to select from recently, including Y2K staples like low-rise fits and hip cutouts. Whether you favor daring styles or prefer more practical solutions, you'll discover a trend that complements your style on the market this season.

Here are the top 12 must-own denim jeans for your wardrobe in 2022 and the related FAQs you must know.

1. The baggy look

The baggy jean, also known as the slouch, is a winner for a few reasons. It provides plenty of space. It is ideal for combining with tailored bodysuits to contrast the jeans' loose, swingy movement. You'll find a fit that works for you ahead, whether you want a wide flare or something that tapers at the ankle.

2. Dark Denims

Dark-wash denim was always considered strangely formal, but fashion has now accepted it as the elegant, intriguing elder sister to summer's light-wash style. Find the darkest indigo tones you can and design accordingly.

3. Dual-Tone Denim Jeans

The two-tone silhouette is a must-have for the next season. They let you be stylish without sacrificing comfort in a flared form. Choose a pair with dark-wash insets and a flared silhouette for a low-key glam look. This style is also DIY-friendly and an excellent way to breathe new life into old denim; grab two pairs and experiment with different colors and shapes. Combine these jeans with a sporty bodysuit and bright shoes for a dressed-up yet casual look.

4. White Jeans

White jeans are one of the striking elements that will complement your business attire. White is the new fashion trend this year among the millennials. You can also glam up this look with gold accessories.

5. Glittering Denim!

These cropped jeans are appropriate for a business meeting despite their casual appearance. Adding a little glitz and glam to your typical office dress is easy when wearing these jeans with sequins.

6. Denim Jeans with Cuffs

Cuffed jeans are returning, and they'll be embroidered with butterflies in 2022. Blumarine (an Italian Fashion Brand) announced this during the launch of its spring-summer 2022 collection. Butterflies graced the costumes of celebrities such as Christina Aguilera and Mariah Carey in the 2000s. Rosalia, a singer, is one of the celebrities who has recently loved the allure of wearing butterflies on her garments. The Italian label designed truly unique jeans that you can wear to work by pairing them with more polished luxe items or accessories.

7. Denim with wide legs

Uniqlo (a Japanese clothing brand) re-introduced the trend in a good way. These loose-fitting jeans, available in white and indigo blue, are the ultimate pair of jeans one should own—I can already imagine myself wearing them this summer with a pair of sandals, a simple top, and a wicker basket. Comfort is maximized with wide pants and casual silhouettes. This style was chosen by Jil Sander (a high-end American luxury brand) for their spring-summer 2022 fashion presentation.

8. High waist Denim Jeans

Since the early 2000s, the low-rise pant's resurgence has been the subject of much debate. The ultra-flattering, high-waisted jeans are still a favorite of ours. Update this timeless classic with fun embellishments like beautiful vintage patchwork or a logo down the side of the leg. Not ready to commit to leather pants yet? Coated jeans provide the same high-gloss edge while maintaining the comfort of denim. Wear a cropped jacket and a torso-hugging purse to draw attention to the high waist.

9. Denim jeans with patches

The patchwork style, which involves stitching together different colored pieces of cloth, is expected to be the hottest trendsetter this year. One of the businesses that predicted how patchwork would be worn in 2022 is Coach, and we are sure this trend is here to stay.

10. Straight-leg denim jeans

Straight jeans will undoubtedly remain as popular as ever even though we've seen several unique denim designs emerge because it's an irresistible classic. These jeans, part of Valentino's 2022 cruise line, will be a must-have item in 2022. "Straight-leg jeans and oversized jackets with a 'vintage vibe' are always in great demand, especially if you are looking for comfortable solutions without sacrificing elegance," said Michael Kors (American fashion designer). 

11. Agolde '90s blue denim loose fit jeans

The days of skinny jeans are over! Loose-fitting jeans, made famous by Generation Z, are now a wardrobe must-have! When it comes to fashion, Agolde jeans (a luxury denim brand) sell like hotcakes because the company can relate to nostalgia without explicitly announcing that it's "trendy." Agolde provides something for everyone, whether you're looking for retro-inspired designs, fitted or loose jeans.

12. Raw Denim

Raw denim (also known as dry denim) is a simple denim fabric that has been left unwashed, untreated, and nearly undisturbed from the time it comes off the loom until it is sold to you. It's denim at its purest. Although the initial investment is generally huge but is worth the cost because the increased durability frequently results in more wear per pair.

Denim FAQs

How should I care for my denim jeans?

It is a big question, but here's the quick answer: wear, wash, mend, repeat. We recommend that you wash your jeans as needed and then repair them whenever there are any rips and tears. Nothing beats a well-worn and well-loved pair of jeans, in our opinion. And the only way to get there is via a lot of wear and tear.

What is the difference between selvage and woven denim?

The term 'raw' refers to a fabric's lack of processing (for example, washing and pre-distressing). In contrast, selvage refers to the way the cloth is woven. A 'raw' pair of jeans' fabric has not been cleaned, pre-distressed, or faded. As a result, raw denim is frequently (but not always) dark in color and stiff. Selvage fabric is woven using a continuous weft yarn (more on 'weft yarns' later!), creating a completed edge down the length of the fabric. It is often manufactured on traditional shuttle looms. The few producers that own these antique shuttle looms admire how the intricacy relates to lost-era artistry.

What are denim twills?

You obtain a diagonal pattern when you weave your warp and weft threads together in the ninety-degree pattern. This is referred to as the twill.

  • Twill- Left Hand

The weave lines in this denim go diagonally from the top left corner to the bottom right corner.

  • Twill- Right Hand

Right Hand Twill features a diagonal weaving pattern that extends from the top right corner to the bottom left corner of the cloth. The majority of denim comes in as a Right Hand Twill.

  • Twill- Frayed

Every two warp turns, this denim alternates between the Right Hand Twill and Left Hand Twill weave, resulting in a characteristic zigzag pattern. This fabric was developed to decrease fabric twisting after washing.

What can I do to prevent the color fading of my denim?

Follow these measures to preserve your jeans from fading:

To set the dye, turn your jeans inside out and soak them in a tub of cold water with about a cup of vinegar for 30 minutes. Rinse the jeans lightly in cold water. For a few days, there will be a slight vinegar odor! Again, hang to dry.

Note: To avoid dye bleed onto the rest of your clothing, we recommend only washing your jeans in dark colors.


Alexandra Chung (a British writer and celebrity) quotes, "I prefer to overspend on elegant clothes because I believe I'll get a lot of usage out of them, but this is flawed thinking. You should spend more money on items you wear every day, such as a pair of denim jeans." There is a lot of newness in the denim industry in 2022. This year, invest in one or all of these denim trends Womenwire has brought to you, and you will thank us later.