Best Beauty Tips for Pink Lips

Supple, soft and pink lips can brighten anyone’s face and add a friendly warm touch to one’s face. Light pinkish tinge on lips is a sign of good health, and thus a proper care needs to be taken to keep that tinge on the lips. As we all know that lips are the most delicate part of our face which have no oil glands of their own and hence external moisture is very important to keep them baby soft. In this article, you would encounter the best ways that will keep your lips pink throughout the winter season: Keep your Lips Hydrated Hydration brings out a pinkish tinge and a juicy look to the lips, while dry lips look exactly the opposite, dark and dull. Keeping yourself hydrated will combat the dryness on the lips irrespective of the season. Only external application of Moisture is not sufficient, internal hydration is important as well. Say “NO” to Sun Exposure Darkening of the lips may happen due to the presence of excess melanin pigment in the region. The sun is known to increase the synthesis of melanin in the body. Hence, it is ideal to protect oneself from these harmful  UV rays of the sun by using lip products, like lip balms and lipsticks which contain SPF or other sunscreens, to ensure pink and healthy lips. Sugar Scrub for Supple Lips Lip scrubbing helps you to get rid of the Dead cells, resulting in soft kissable lips. There are ways of Scrubbing lips, you can simply slather your lips with Plain, heavy Lip balm or even clarified butter before retiring and scrub of the dead cell with a toothbrush next morning while brushing. Make a Sugar lips scrub, mix in some granulated sugar with Petroleum jelly or your Lip balm, mix it well and apply a layer on your lips. Scrub your lips in a circular motion and wipe off with a damp cloth or cotton. Moisturize your Lips Dryness and chapping of Lips is one big turn off and if it’s not treated at the right time, it causes dark and pigmented lips. Keep a Lip balm always handy, and apply it frequently throughout the day. Lip balms are addictive, so choose them wisely. Avoid Petroleum based Lip balms as they don’t turn out beneficial in the long run. Check for Ingredients like Natural Beeswax, Cadillac Wax, Glycerine, Almond Oil and Vitamin E in your balms.Or simply apply Vitamin E oil before going to bed. This will always be the first of the pink lips tips that you will ever get. Use Good Lip-Care Cosmetics Using a lot of lipstick or other artificial cosmetics on the lips can be harmful. This is because of the presence of corrosive and unhealthy chemicals in them. Excessive and prolonged use of cosmetics, especially the ones which are cheap in quality, on the lips can cause pigmentation. Cosmetics that have nutrients and natural extracts like jojoba, Shea butter, pomegranate seed oil etc in their composition should be selected compared to the pro-chemical ones. Lipsticks, lip gloss etc should be removed preferably with natural oils like coconut or almond oil. The expiry date of the cosmetic should be checked before applying the same on the lips as using an expired product can cause severe allergy. This is how to make lips pink with cosmetics. Some More Tips For Perfectly Pink Lips: No Coffee or Tea Since components of caffeine are known to blacken the lips, one should avoid consuming tea and coffee. No Smoking Nicotine causes darkening and discoloration of lips, so it is best to quit smoking if you want pink and healthy lips. Maintain a Healthy Diet Following a dietary regime which promotes a rich amount of fruit and vegetable intake is quite essential for having healthy lips. The vitamins like Vitamin C naturally moisturizes the lips and reduces pigmentation. Hence, it is a must to have a vitamin-rich diet. Avoid Chlorine Chlorinated water causes pigmentation of the lips, so it is better to avoid contact of the lips with chlorinated water. Wrapping Up With these simple and easy tips and remedies, it’s very easy to achieve soft, healthy kissable lips. Hope you liked this article on amazing tips for pink lips. How do you care for your lips? Let us know below.

7 Short Haircuts To Try This Season

If you want to have short hair, then this is the best time of the year when you can enjoy your short hair length and could experience having chopped hair during this season. The dilemma could lead you to a big confusion; however, don’t let this time slipped and give a try to short haircuts to give yourself a snippy and choppy makeover! Bob cut has been a rage for a good reason to let you live your life in full freedom, not to forget that it gives you those multiple options to play around with. The very thought leaves you so happy and peppy. How you’d feel once you have it, is indescribable! Short Haircuts For Women Here are some classic cuts in short hair length that you can try right away to bring you the fun side out. They have never been out of style and they never will be, from ultra-short to shoulder-length, we have got you covered with the bevy of beautiful short haircuts options. So read on to find out what haircut suits you best for staying stylish all year long. Short Style 1: Soft and Shoulder Length for Round Face If you don’t want to lose your hair length and wants to experience having a short haircut, shoulder length hair chop works perfectly for you. Moreover, if you have a round face, then this is the right choice for you! This works perfectly with round face as it ends past the jawline, giving it a slightly more prominent look, which boosts your overall appearance. This is a short and layered hairstyle in which the sections are very clearly visible leaving you with a very natural and sporty look. Also, this is one of those hairstyles where you don’t have to worry about adding color will affect it! Special Tip: It works best on wavy, curly or coined hair due to the fact of providing volume to your hair. Short Style 2: Short Layered with Fringe for Round Face If you want to go all cool and funky, then this is the short haircut you need to call upon! The layers give you the bounce and the bob adds the flare! The style is neat and fun at the same time. This is definitely one layered haircut to try! Special Tip: This look is perfect for round faces as fringe makes it angular and short layers would enhance your cheekbones. Short Style 3: Side-Swept Bangs for Round Face The purpose of bangs is very simple. It needs to add a new dimension to your face while framing it beautifully. And hence it works miracles on your look if you have a round face! Whether you pick a heavy or light bang, it brings out your eyes kicking up your attraction quotient by more than just a notch. Special Tip: This look is meant for round faces with the broad forehead, so go for this haircut if you want to hide your broad forehead with utmost ease. Short Style 4: Soft A-line Bob for Round Face These are also very popularly known as inverted bobs and are extremely popular too! These look flattering on all face shapes adding an air of mystery and glamour that any woman will love! Special Tip: This would work best on straight hair. Short Style 5: Wavy Bob cut with Side Fringe for Round Face Take a classic bob and add waves from the mid-length along with a side fringe for a dainty yet smart look. Special Tip: This works best for fine to medium hair length. Short Style 6: Bowl Cut Bob for Oval Face This is one style that was very popular back in the days not just for simplicity of maintenance but also because it is so very easy to do as cut also. The sides and back are cut short to the same length invariably making it seem like someone put a bowl over the head and chopped off the rest! Which where the name comes from. This is also quite popularly known as mushroom, beach or put cut. Special Tip: Not recommended to round faces as it ends up giving your face a very roundish look. Short Style 7: Classic Bob With Straight Fringe for Oval Face The classic bob started a statement of rebellion by the women when they had just gained the right to vote. And till date, it is the mark of the bold ones that lead a busy life! Special Tip: This one is meant for straight hair and works perfectly with oval faces. Conclusion These chin-grazing styles with straight bangs some a look and comfort that just caught on like fire among women. It has held its place ever since. It highlights the eyes and adds a frame of power to the look. However, if you already have a round face then it would be more suitable if you keep the length below the chin.

Helpful Home Remedies For Sensitive Skin

Some people are born with sensitive skin, while others experience a change in their skin texture with age and circumstances. Many women witness an alteration in their skin after pregnancy, from normal to dry, their skin goes through a total transformation. After countless encounters with numerous over-the-counter products, a lot of women has decided to switch to natural treatment by using natural products. It is an unbeatable fact that taking care of sensitive skin needs oodles of patience, but once you get the right formula, then nothing can prevent you from showcasing your radiance and glow. Here are some helpful home remedies for sensitive skin that you can follow: Keep Your Skin Hydrated Keeping your skin hydrated to say goodbye to dryness, so make sure to drink water but in moderate quantities. Water is essential to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized from within and also helps in flushing out the toxins. You can also take the help of fresh fruit juices, smoothies, and green juices to keep up your moisture levels. You can drink a maximum of 2 liters of water in 4 hours. Care Your Skin With Coconut Oil Pure coconut oil is an essential source to keep your skin glowing and keep the dryness at bay.  When applied on the skin it penetrates deeply into the pores, nourishing and moisturizing from within. You can take dry roast 10 black peppercorns and crush them. Now heat about 1 liter coconut oil in a frying pan, add the crushed peppercorns with 3 to 4 dried Indian gooseberries, 10 curry leaves, and handful of henna leaves. Time to steep it for about 10 to 12 minutes or until oil changes its color to black and gives a nice aroma. Store this oil and use it daily to massage your skin along with moisturizing the skin, it will give your skin an enviable glow too. You can use the same oil to moisturize your dry scalp in order to prevent hair fall. Add Amla To Your Diet Amla or Indian gooseberry is a rich source of vitamin C, so if you want to have a clean and clear skin in a few days, ensure to add this to your daily diet. Clean, steam, and eat one amla in a day to give your skin that extra dose of nourishment. Alternatively, you can start your day with about 30 ml of Indian gooseberry juice and then add 150 ml of warm water to it and drink it. You will see the results in just 12 weeks. You can add honey as it tends to be a little bitter, but plain juice is always more beneficial. Want some instant radiance? Mix 1 tbsp each of amla juice and honey, apply on your face, and wash off with lukewarm water after 20 minutes. This is one of the effective home remedies for sensitive skin care. Coolness of Cucumber Cucumber is my favorite salad veggie. It is equally important when it comes to soothing my puffy eyes loaded with dark circles. Along with repairing your skin gently, cucumber also softens it. Remove the peel, cut it into thin slices, and keep it on your eyes to remove the fatigue and ease the dark circles. They also soothe the ungainly crow’s feet and fine lines that can make one look older. Mix 2 tbsp cucumber juice with 1 tbsp honey to give your skin the nourishment it requires. You can store this, and use it as a refreshing face wash. You can also use cucumber juice alone on your face to brighten it up. One of the coolest home remedies for sensitive skin on face. Keep A Check On Your Allergies Allergy and sensitive skin are arch rivals. Scorching sun, pollutants, smoke, dust, pollen, tar, petrol, cosmetics, food items – the list goes on. Sun is the biggest enemy of skin; tan and sun burns are quite common people with sensitive skin. Dust also leaves me with rashes, as do certain face washes and face masks. Make a note of what affects your skin and stay away from them instead of searching for a solution every time you encounter the problem. Honey- the Real HERO Honey is known for its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antiseptic properties. A super hydrating tonic, you can use it as a regular cleansing agent when mixed with one glass of water. Make a coarse mixture of unsweetened cocoa powder and honey. Add coconut oil and milk to make a wonderful scrub for sensitive skin. This mixture can also be used as a face mask. Apply on the face and wash off with lukewarm water after 20 minutes. Honey also heals your sunburns. Just dab on the affected area and wash off after a while. Conclusion Each sensitive skin is different and the skincare regimen varies too, so there is an important question that you can’t skip. What are your choices when it comes to home remedies for sensitive skin? Do share your opinion with us in the comments section.

Awesome Shower Tricks To Keep Your Hair Healthy

Do you always have a bad hair day when you shower? Just can’t get those long tresses to lie flat, can you? Well, if your hair is getting on your nerves or getting messier with time, this article is exactly what you need to read to treat your annoying hair. Here, we will talk about some of the best shower tips on how to keep your hair thick and shiny, or in other words, healthy! Excited and eager to unfold the tricks? You’d better be! Find out about some cool shower hacks to get that lustrous and shiny hair. Listed here are some tips that will help you get that lovely mane without any pain. Hair Shower Tricks For Healthy Hair: Here are some suggestions that will help you to keep your hair healthy and rejuvenating forever: Say “NO” To Hot Water While warm water baths are quite refreshing and rejuvenating in winter season, they can also have adverse effects on the skin and hair. Hot water shower can strip the hair of essential oil, which can lead to tangled hair. Even if hot water seems divine, lukewarm water is the safest bet. Keep Your Showers Short Prolonged showers can do more harm than good and you should try and keep your shower time down to minimum. Experts say that showers that last for more than 10 minutes usually wash away essential oils from the hair. Even if that long drawn out shower seems like the best thing in the world, you are certainly not doing your hair any favor by indulging yourself. Shampoo The Right Way Usually, people use shampoo in huge quantity on general hair length, which is not advisable by experts. Most hair experts say that shampooing the scalp, roots and the nape is more effective as these are the areas where dirt tends to collect. Avoid using too much shampoo on the ends, as it can cause dryness. Don’t Shampoo Often One of the ways we tend to damage our hair is by over-shampooing. Use only the needed amount of shampoo. Excess shampoo can wear out the ends and dry up your hair; hence shampoo twice in week to keep your hair healthy. Conditioning Hair Do you usually leave your conditioner on for five minutes in the shower? Well, if you do, then you are wasting your time, as conditioner does not make a difference. Conditioners usually have an instantaneous effect and when you apply conditioner in the shower, it cannot penetrate your hair any further. Instead of using a regular conditioner, consider deep conditioning your hair once in two weeks. The best way to use a conditioner is to apply it just before you step into a shower and shampoo your hair. You can use some oil like coconut oil or even a little olive oil to moisturize your freshly shampooed hair. Pat Dry One of the biggest mistakes we make while washing our hair is rubbing them dry. When you rub your hair, you end up yanking your hair and damaging the roots and ends. The best way to dry your hair is to pat them dry. Pat-drying may be a lengthy process, but it is gentler on the hair and much more effective. Brush Your Hair Properly Most women don’t’ know how to brush their hair the right way. This is quite important, as when you brush your hair after getting out of a shower, you can end up damaging the ends and roots. Use a brush and work through the tangles. Always begin at the bottom and work your way up. Remember to always brush outwards to your hair Wrapping Up  These hair shower tips are designed to give you that long and pretty hair you deserve. The next time you take a shower, remember these shower tips for healthy hair. To tell us about any other variations or tips you have, share your experiences here. Leave a comment below. We would love to hear from you. Note: Never forget to oil your scalp before head wash as it will keep your hair follicles oily, which is good for your hair health and this will keep your hair shiny and smooth. No matter what, do not skip this practice if you want to have healthy hair.

8 Night Out Looks/Styles To Try Out

Hot and sizzling nights call for cool looks! Don’t you think so? With long days and even longer nights, there’s always an event on the calendar. Whether you’re heading out to a hot and happening party or a classy corporate night parties, you need some perky and peppy party looks that will pep up your entire night out look. So, here are eight favorite night looks to set the town on fire with your sizzling looks. Recognize that fine line that defines your personal style with the medium of this article. You can either be too loud or be too toned down with your fashion quotient. So, strike the right balance between your dress and footwear to look stunningly beautiful at the party. So while you wait eagerly for a much deserved night out with your friends, we've got covered with some really good dresses that will rock your party look with its unique style and quirky prints. WHAT TO WEAR: CITY NIGHT OUT Up for wine with girls or associates? Add a little edge to your look with a darker color story. Colors like black, deep blue etc. looks quite electrifying when teamed up with some shimmery stuff. Keep it seasonal and breezy with printed asymmetrical dress, paired with black pump heels and a blingy bag to give your overall party look a dazzling dash of elegance. WHAT TO WEAR: DINNER Dinner date or a casual dine out with friends? Channel some boho vibes with one of this season’s hottest off-shoulder top trends and some super distressed denim. Keep your accessories (and makeup) minimal and natural for a fashion-forward look that’s all the way down to earth. WHAT TO WEAR: BBQ Look Fiery! Fire up the grill with your fiery look! Bring your style A-game to a weekend BBQ with friends in a casual-chic dress. Grab a light color frill dress and a pair of block heels to complete your BBQ look. You could go for some pop-color patterns, if you want to add some print story to your not-so-basic look. WHAT TO WEAR: MOVIE DATE Date night calls for a flirty and fancy dress. Balance girly ruffles with lightweight chambray is cute and classy at the same time. Add strappy slides to keep your look summery and ready for anything — from 9 rounds of mini golf, to a stroll along the beach. Team it with cool and chic heels to add some extra element to your look. WHAT TO WEAR: DISCO Up for disco party? Well, it is not necessary to look like disco ball when you are heading towards disco. Shimmery silver orr golden dresses are quite popular among girls when they are getting for disco party. Although, it is a fact that every girl wants to a little glam to her look when she is all set to put the dancing floor on fire. No matter, it is about bold heels, comfy chic dresses, funky hair and so on, all she wants to shine away in the dim yet vibrant shine of disco lights. If you are planning to do something special this weekend, then it is time to bring in some exciting and weekend electrifying stuff to your wardrobe. WHAT TO WEAR: THEME PARTY If you are a retro-glam lover, then look no further because we have done all the hard rock for you. So sip on that wine while you browse through some of the best monochrome printed dresses that will definitely going to accentuate your party look. Prints add a grace and quirkiness to your overall style, which automatically grabs many eyeballs. WHAT TO WEAR: POOLSIDE PARTY When you are up for a poolside party, spring prints need a space in your wardrobe. These floral printed dresses are one of the best options for keeping your summer party look subtle and light. Prints have made a special space in the hearts of women, so indulge yourself in the world of prints that will have no limits of style. WHAT TO WEAR: LOUNGE PARTY No need to go loud for your lounge party! Asymmetrical style will never let down when it comes to add some spice of style into your simple yet stylish party look. The highs and lows add a flare of fashion to your partywear, which surely catches others attention. A detail work on the front of the asymmetrical dress adds an art of fashion to your weekend-ready party look. Over To You After going the article, you must have understood the party styles that can wonders for your weekend party look, if you have some doubt about the aforementioned party styles, then you can explore the collection of some classic and chic party dresses for women online. These days, there are many online fashion stores that offer a wide range of women’s dresses for every occasions, so  without wasting anymore time, explore and choose your dress. If you want to give some suggestions, don’t forget to comment below.