Qualities Women Should Look For in a Man Other Than Just Looks

So, you must be having a set of attributes in your mind that you desire when it comes to looking for your dream man. Sure we all have. We, women, dream a picture of our ‘perfect man’ from an early age. Whether it is about skin tone, height, body-built or even the color of his eyes, there are certain things about a man which just click our fantasy buttons! However, there are some skin-deep qualities that have nothing to do with ‘looks’ but are equally (or even more) important to look for in your partner. After all, the ‘head-over-heels’ kind of love surely fades away in time. What stays are the traits embedded deep inside him. So, we have compiled some of the essential qualities you must look for when choosing your life-partner: Compassion If you do not want to feel alone ever in this world or in your relationship, then choose a compassionate man. This is the man who feels and cares about your feelings just as he cares for his own. With him, you’ll never feel left out or being ignored.   Honesty Does the man you are seeing say what he means? Does he do what he says? If the answer is NO, then you surely need to put a halt and think twice! When you cannot trust him with words, then how can you trust him with all your emotions? Your man should be honest. Even if he screws up, he should be courageous enough to tell you the truth. This shows that he respects and cares about you enough to communicate and share his feelings with you.   Confidence This is one crucial trait to have for in any man. A confident man appears 10 times more attractive as he believes in his abilities and himself. He doesn’t run away from speaking his mind and is secure in his own skin. This makes a woman feel secure in his company. Confidence is an inner strength that is quite visible even on the very first meet. This involves not only the way he treats you but also the way he carries himself in public and in private. A confident man holds his head up high, maintain a straight posture and walk like he owns the room. He has the ability to handle unfamiliar situations with much ease and won’t be anxious even if everyone is watching.   Passion If you ask a woman who is just out of a broken relationship about the reason for it falling apart, 8 out of 10 times you’ll get to hear ‘Passion was missing’. Yes, there are many men out there who just don’t take any initiative outside of the bedroom. It is thus up to you to choose carefully and not fall into the trap of first date excitement. A passionate man takes interest in you not just sexually, but emotionally as well. Whether it is about your work, your hobbies or life goals, he will never stop being interested in you, no matter the length of your relationship.   Respectful A well-mannered and kind man who is respectful towards people who deserve his respect are true gems. This man doesn’t treat others badly and is not rude to his subordinates. A kind man who has good etiquette make a good father! And this is the man who will warm up to you almost instantly.   Humorous A man who can make you laugh is the one who will ensure that you are never out of amusement your entire life. Yes, you read that right. A comical man is not only fun to be around but is also the one who maintains the spark in your relationship.   Optimism Being around a man who is hopeful and positive about the future makes you feel the good vibes. Optimism is a trait which is rare yet important to look for in your dream man.   If the man you have your eyes on hold these qualities within him, you surely going to enjoy a strong and everlasting relationship with him. So, don’t hold yourself now and move ahead in the right direction of finding your perfect man!

Some Myths About Bras- Not To Believe

Myths about bras are taking a toll on the new generation.Let’s discuss some silly and common myths that are getting more popularity than any celebrity Facebook page. While growing up, you must have heard about the things that might harm you in some way, just for the case, making weird faces could turn your face into the one in the coming years. When it comes to girls, the most common one is wearing a bra to bed won’t keep your bust booby or perky; or underwire bras could lead to cancer; weirdly, a lot of women still women believe in these myths that we have been listening to since ages. Read on to uncover the myths you need to stop believing in what you have grown believing. So, don’t stop your read, rather make a note of myths that you should believe and what to not. Myth 1: Don’t sleep with the bra ON Do you still remember the time when your mom asks you to drop your bra before you hit your bed? A couple years ago, an American actress, Halle Berry, revealed in an interview that she'd been sleeping in a bra since age 16; although Berry boasts an enviable decolletage, it has nothing to do with her bra habits. There’s no scientific evidence that wearing a bra or not wearing a bra will make a difference with what happens to your breasts over time. A lot of drooping and dropping happens mainly because of pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding. According to experts, over time, perkiness fades as gravity pulls the ligaments in your breasts downward. So, you can sleep with the bra ON! Myth 2: Don’t wash bras too often This is sheer stupidity! Instead of a rare wash, you must wash your bra every time you wear it. Just imagine that the all-day-sweat and germs you would be carrying with your bra as it constantly rubs against your skin and that's why you must wash it every time. Therefore, in order to prolong your bra life, you need to make sure to wash them less often. There are most of the experts who believe that it will damage the fabric when it is washed too frequently. Myth 3: Bra is FOREVER The bra is Eternal!This one you must have heard from your mother or your grandmother. Hadn’t you? This myth is moving from generation to generation as you are about to dispose of off your bra either when you are too bored with it or your bra straps fall off, you are always asked to not to throw away your bra. Whether it can be worn with the help of safety pins or can be adorned after replacing elastic of the straps, you are not allowed to throw it away. Most of the women believe that a bra can last for at least 10 years. Contrary to this, a bra needs to be changed in a year as it can affect your breasts’ shape or could ruin your dress style. Myth 4: Bras make your breasts SAG Again, this is something that one shouldn’t buy at all. The bra is an accessory that supports your breasts or makes them look firm and enhanced. There are many women who still believe that bra makes your bursts loose and saggy, which is sheer myth nothing to believe in. So, if you are a modern woman, it is advisable to ignore such myths and choose the bra that enhances your stye while supporting you all comfort. Firm It Up Having read about bra myths, do you still want to continue believing the same myths that have been a part of your life or you would stand up and whack these folklores. So, be a modern woman and stop believing all the myths that have been boggling your mind since ages. 

Things That Happen When You Stop Grooming Down There

Do you often feel Neanderthal-ish when you look down, before the shower? A hairy appearance feels quite Neanderthal-ish, don’t you agree? However, shaving the hair off everywhere, even on your genitals, isn’t a wise decision. Most of you must have some doubts about it? Well, hair is one of the distinguishing characteristics of mammals, and it is there for a reason, considering the advantages of body hair, precisely, pubic hair is important before you decide to remove it off each time it grows. Understanding the purpose of hair down under will also help you take a stance in this “Should Shave” or “Shouldn’t Shave” dichotomy. Read on to unfold the valuable reasons you should stop grooming there and start going au naturel. Precious Points on Pubic Hair To get a clear understanding of whether you should protect your pubic hair or not, we have revealed some important points that need to be considered while shaving off your pubic hair. It is a fact that the hair down under protects you from various kinds of bacterial and viral infections. Your genitals are always moist, and this kind of environment can become a breeding ground for germs, in short, that’s what pubes are for. They form a sheath and save your female part from unwanted pathogenic intervention. If you have been removing it off for “hygienic” reasons, this information should be an eye-opener for you. It just needs some water and a mild soap to keep the area clean and not blades and wax strips. Moreover, there’s an advantage of avoiding physical impact. Pubes tend to work as shock absorbers and protect your female part when you indulge in activities like cycling or even horse riding. It reduces the chances of injury down there. Though not apparent to the naked eye, every time you use the blade on your bush, you are naively causing microscopic cuts on the vaginal skin. These cuts get inflamed and increase the vulnerability of your already sensitive part. Also, the itch. Repeated use of razors irritates the skin up to the extent that it gets itchy and uncomfortable. A survey on pubic hair removal says that a staggering 80.3% of women had reported genital itching after removing the hair there. Don’t you think it is time you ditched the razor and the itch for good? Also, if you choose alternative hair removal techniques like waxing, there is still the same danger of irritation and injury. Avoid friction There’s always the risk of friction in between the legs, and it is an added discomfort if you are a bit bulky and curvaceous (not that anything else about your bulk and curves is a problem AT ALL). However, if you know what I mean, these pubes, in fact, offer more lubrication than the empty ground could possibly offer. There’s slightly more sweat produced, but that is only going to lessen the friction there. You do not have to worry about the rash and can stop obsessing over that thigh gap. Keeping it warm Another reason mammals are hairy is to save themselves from temperature shifts. Hair, apart from cushioning, also maintains a constant temperature. In cold countries or on cold days in otherwise hot countries, hair over there helps you keep the genitals warm and cozy. That’s about winters, but the hair’s got some purpose in the heat too. The glands in your pubic hair follicles secrete oily substances, which not only lubricate but also cool the area down. Therefore, your takeaway here is that it simply regulates the temperature and maintains the much-needed homeostasis. Conclusion From the age of the apes, time’s changed, and lifestyle has changed too. Yet, some primal needs like acceptance from the opposite sex and mechanisms like temperature regulation have remained static and unchanged. Although during puberty and the menstrual cycles, these wiry pubes cause slight discomfort, remember that in the long run, it is going to cause you more good than harm. It is time to break the taboos and the silence associated with pubic hair. Talk it off with your doctor if need be and also with your partner. Have you ever ask yourself, “why do I remove my pubic hair, is it for the aesthetics or does keeping them actually make me feel more comfortable and safe?” Have any of the above reasons urged you to stop shaving or waxing down there or have they at least set you thinking? Feel free to comment below and let us know your take on this.

8 Signs That Clearly Shows Your Interest In Marriage

Committing to someone or taking a huge decision of getting married is not easy for today’s generation. Isn’t it strange living single all your life? Or, should say staying alone in your house where there’s no one who’s waiting for you? Well, when it comes to the right time of getting married, a lot of people around you would always ready with their up for their unwanted and unwelcomed suggestions. That’s why are well-known as backseat drivers. If you want to chuck the unwanted suggestions out and want to control your own car steer, then read this article that will reveal some signs that would tell if you are ready to step into a new life. Read on to explore the signs that signal if you are ready to let anyone step in your not-so-lonely life: Sign 1:  Somebody’s becoming really SPECIAL! Do you often think about your partner? Is he/she always on your mind? If such is a situation, then it is quite clear that you soon going to make that person your life partner. Without giving a second thought on what your mind says, go ahead and purpose here/him for marriage. Sign 2: Getting attached to that someone SPECIAL! Are you getting hooked to someone? You often feel liking sharing everything with that person. This clearly shows your inner feeling of getting hitched to the one who is stealing all your thoughts and ruling your mind all day/night long. Sign 3: Making Future Plans with the SPECIAL one! Have you started illustrating the one who’s getting your attention in your future plans. Smartly or shyly you like making long time plans with the one when it comes to your personal life. Whether it is about buying anything for your house or investing into life securing policies, you feel like talking to that beloved one, which displays that you are on your way to starting a new life with that person. Sign 4: No hesitation in sharing your INSECURITIES with that SPECIAL one! If you are ready to share all your insecurities with your partner or would-be life partner, then mark our words, you are all set to open the closed doors for the one who is ready to stepping into your life. Sign 5: Financial Status is no more Taboo When a man or a woman is open to share their financial status to each other, it means that they are quite well-versed with their life and ready to accept each other without making any changes to their life. When this stage takes place, it is not too far that they will soon exchange the eternal band as it shows that you have strong trust in each other. Sign 6: Missing that SPECIAL one quite often! Has it happened to you more often that you have started missing someone as you step in your house? Missing that one who’s making a special space in your life these days? This is something that signifies that you are getting attached to the person emotionally and have started missing when he/she is not around. Sign 7: Sharing your stories with the SPECIAL one only! Do you an urge of sharing good news with your partner first? It is always good to share good or bad news with your partner, however, it has an opponent factor connected to it that says you  brings down your family to second on list, which is not bad but it also indicates that someone else is making space in your heart and soon in your family. Sign 8: Talking about marriage to SPECIAL one without feeling shy You no more feel shy when any of your friend or your family member brings up the topic of marriage. You have started sharing your thoughts on marriage to your partner. This is something quite natural and also exhibits that soon wedding bells are ringing for you. Last Words Marriage is very special bond and after going through this article you must have understood the fact if you are really ready to take the “I Do” responsibility seriously. If you do, you should immediately contact wedding planner who can make your D-day in really special and unforgettable. In case, you want to share some more signs that shows you are ready for marriage, do share in comment section below.