Your One-Stop Guide To Gym Outfits For Women

Author: Shubhankar Sen on Sep 01,2022
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While we all own gym workout clothes, it's rare that you come across a top or pair of shorts that you truly love. However, comfortable and well-fitting women's workout clothes can make or break your motivation to go for a run, hit the gym, or just take the dog for a walk.

Well-designed workout clothes should be made from technical fabrics that wick away sweat, dry quickly, and potentially provide mild compression to support your body. It should also be well designed so that nothing rides up or falls down.


The best kind of clothes for working out in the gym

It depends on the type of exercise and the intensity! Obviously, there's a big caveat: Anything that makes you feel adequately covered and comfortably supported is right for you. Sometimes you need to experiment – some shorts that are perfect for a fast run may not be the right choice for a 5k, but you might not know that until you try. In addition to checking reviews, the product description will often tell you what level of exercise intensity it is intended for.


Low impact exercise

Leggings and a fitted top (rather than shorts, which may ride up) can look great here. It's best not to learn this the hard way in your first class, which emphasizes flexibility and movement. Here you can potentially show light fashion without having to worry about the clothes lasting.


Moderate impact exercise

If you want to use a two-piece set, you can probably get away with it, but we're starting to get into the "activity may cause clothes to pile and slide" territory. Wear something that's more breathable—in other words, nothing made of cotton—with built-in spandex or stretchy material. Choose shorts with an inner lining to avoid wearing underwear while still feeling supported.


High impact exercise

You can enjoy the heavy stuff here: A super supportive sports bra that keeps everything in place. Shorts or leggings that don't move and wick away sweat a top that absolutely won't ride up no matter how much you jump. You're on the right track if the product includes words like "for heavy/intense exercise." You're also likely to give more for good things.


What should or shouldn't you wear to the gym?

There are no hard and fast rules (other than those set by the gym), but there are some best practices to help you feel comfortable working up a sweat.


Don't wear your trendy sneakers

Really invest in shoes: Most exercise-related injuries happen either because a person was wearing old, worn-out shoes or because they didn't stretch properly before and after. The good news is that most brands will tell you what shoes they recommend for what intensity, and you can have them adjusted to your specific needs at a running store.


Don't just wear your regular clothes

You'd be surprised how many people exercise in jeans. You can go to the gym in regular clothes, but a standard bra will not keep you in position. Your clothes, especially pants, won't allow you much flexibility. You'll probably sweat at least a little, even if it's low-intensity work, and you won't want to walk around the rest of the day feeling wet.


Don't go for low-impact clothing if you want to reach a higher level

If you don't know how intense your workout will be (especially at a new gym), expect to be able to run, jump, or otherwise move. Taking out your most fashionable kit is great, but you don't want to be pulling it out every 30 seconds. A cool sports bra with straps is fine for yoga but not so much for something more physically demanding.


Don't forget the squat test

Stand in leggings in front of a mirror with strong overhead lighting. Bend all the way down into a deep squat. Can you see your skin/underwear through leggings? It's really just to make sure the material is opaque enough to do a heavy workout without accidentally flashing someone. My lighter leggings are great for bare feet but so bad for high-intensity exercise.


The best gym clothes for working out

Fabletics Powerhold High Waist Leggings

Fabletics' high-waisted compression leggings are ideal for almost any athletic activity. Thanks to the moisture-wicking fabric, they are light and breathable enough to wear in the summer months or to layer during the fall or winter. They're made of 88% polyester and 12% spandex, so they'll move with you rather than constrict you. Plus, they have an inner waist pocket so you can stash your keys and cards while you exercise.


Sports bra FITTIN Racerback

You can wear this medium support sports bra from FITTIN for yoga, pilates, spinning, rowing, kickboxing, and weight training. It is easy to put on over the head, and the wide elastic at the bottom does not stick out and does not cause friction. The padding is removable, and the fabric is designed to wick away moisture, preventing you from sweating. What more could you ask for?


Lululemon Swiftly Tech Short Sleeve Crew

Designed for running, training, and sweating, this short-sleeve jacket from Lululemon is great to wear and layer all year round. Mesh vents provide ventilation, while Silverescent (X-STATIC) technology prevents the growth of odor-causing bacteria - yes, which means you'll stay fresh during your workout. The classic cut of this shirt suits every body type and is available in 10 colors.


Best Gym Clothing Brands

Nike: The best all-around activewear brand

There's a reason this sportswear manufacturer is a hot spot for athletes. With performance gear for nearly every activity (running, tennis, weightlifting, golf, yoga, and more!), the brand is constantly innovating, from fabric to silhouette. And they do it without you having to buy their designs; you can find sports bras, shorts, and tights for under $50. Of course, the iconic label has you covered from head to toe, from socks to base layers to weatherproof jackets.


Lululemon: The best exercise equipment

This brand is constantly raising the bar with new technologies and cuts. Popular for running, yoga, pilates, and more, their iconic Align Pant is seasonally updated with new colors and prints. And if you like a super steamy workout, their Everlux fabric is insanely cool and dries quickly.


Everything in motion: The best cheap gym clothes for women

Introducing our best selection of affordable workout wear; while jackets can go up to $80, most pieces (think long sleeves, contouring leggings, and seamless high-support bras) cost less than $40.

They also have moisture-wicking fabrics, water-resistant and four-way stretch fabrics, secure pockets, and flatlock seams to reduce chafing. The brand also works to be as eco-friendly as possible. Most All in Motion pieces are currently made from recycled polyester and sustainably sourced cotton.



You'll be exhausted, tired, sore, and probably sweaty after a hard workout. Believe it or not, the clothes you wear to exercise can affect how you feel after your workout. Several factors, including the fabric used and whether they are appropriate for the type of exercise you will be doing, can influence how comfortable your workout clothes are. Visit to know all about what kind of clothes are best for working out at the gym; it will help you to decide according to your preferences.