Best Destinations for Solo Women Travelers

So are you an independent female who has this dream of exploring the world on your own, as a solo traveler? Do you want to experience a memorable solo adventure that you can cherish throughout your life? Whether it is because your schedule does not match with other people or by your own choice, traveling solo indeed is a fascinating ride that everyone should experience at least once in their life. This experience is an eye-opening and liberating one that feeds your passions, stretches your comfort zone and promotes self-discovery. Also when one travel solo, they get the freedom to create their own schedule, be social whenever they want and relax when they feel like. So ladies, check out these best places to travel solo: Iceland One of the hottest destinations this year, Iceland with its natural wonders is dominating the social media feeds these days. If you are trying to figure out where to go, then fortunately Nordic land is known for its friendly atmosphere for female travelers. This is an underpopulated island which is marooned near the top of the globe. In a literal sense, Iceland is considered a country in the making. The ice-covered volcanoes, mudpots gloop, geysers gush and glaciers that cut great pathways through the mountains makes Iceland an interesting place to explore. An eyeful of the cinematic landscapes and some crisp clean air, Iceland is one definite place to be in your bucket-list of solo travel destinations. Coffee Bay, South Africa Africa has got a bad reputation for being a scary place to travel through. While it is definitely crucial to take precautions, this does not mean that solo women travelers should avoid this beautiful place completely. Coffee Bay in South Africa and that entire coastline is one of the most laid-back places. One can also meet other cool backpackers easily and go on long walks along the bluffs on the ocean. Though the crime rates in South Africa is certainly high, the majority is in the cities. Little towns like Coffee Bay doesn’t have many people or worries around and is nature’s gorgeous place to visit as well. Denmark One should never judge a country by its size. A small country as compared to the others on this list, Denmark does offer some jaw-dropping landscapes making a perfect backdrop to capture some astonishing moments. From turquoise beaches and high cliffs to sand dunes, massive mountains, rich national parks, glistening lakes, and lush green forests, Denmark exhibit natural beauty with ever-changing landscapes. The best time to visit this beautiful country is in May to early June and September. Wrapping up: Traveling solo isn’t as complicated and dangerous as most people perceive it to be. Yes, the world can surely be quite an intimidating place, but most of it is just the unnecessary hype created by the media. The world is swarming with beautiful and safe places to travel alone for women. And to top it all off, solo travel let you meet many new friends and also forge stronger relations as compared to if you were with a buddy!

Reasons To Why Menstrual Cups Are Better Than Tampons

For many years, women have used either tampons or pads to manage their menstrual blood during their periods. There were many sanitary products that have been introduced to the market over the period of time; however, a menstrual cup has proven to be one of the best sanitary products as it offers women many an alternative to other traditional methods. This sanitary product has many advantages but the budget-friendly factor is one of the best benefits that a woman gets. How Much Menstrual Fluid Can They Hold? Generally, a menstrual cup can hold up to 30 ml of menstrual fluid, which is around one-third of the average total flow each period. When you insert a menstrual cup, a light seal is formed with your vaginal wall, which allows the menstrual fluid to collect into the cup without any leakage or odor. Advantages of Menstrual Cups For those who are reading about these menstrual cups for the first time, let’s some spill some beans for them. They are flexible cups designed to collect menstrual blood by inserting it into the vagina during periods. The cup actually collects the menstrual flow rather than absorbing it like other sanitary products. Usually, there are two types of menstrual cups. One is disposable cups that are meant to use only one time; whereas the other type is a bell-shaped cup made of silicon or rubber. The purpose and function of menstrual cups are made to collect the menstrual fluid. This is one of the most budget-friendly options amongst all. Note: A cup can be used for the one-time menstrual cycle; however, it is advisable to wash and sterilize it after every use. Why Are Menstrual Cups Better Than Tampons? Here are some highlighted reasons to why menstrual cups are better sanitary product than tampons. TSS Risk-Free Option Like tampons, these menstrual cups don’t cause any vaginal dryness which leads to Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS). This is a kind of bacterial infection that happens due to dryness of the vagina. Safe and Healthy Like tampons, menstrual cups have no fiber risk to the left inside the vagina. It is safe to insert and easy to remove product for women during periods. Skin-friendly Product Made of silicon or rubber, these menstrual cups are easy to use and are quite safe to insert into the vagina. With the usage of this product, a woman can easily say bye to all feminine hygiene such as rashes, chafing etc. Environment-friendly Being the only available in reusable feminine hygiene options, menstrual cups create less waste to clog up the landfills. Cost-effective Option Menstrual cups are a better option in terms of monetary and health. Both types of menstrual cups are made to collect the blood; however, the reusable option is best for women who look for the pocket-friendly option. Conclusion After going through this article, you must have understood the advantages of menstrual cups which is a better option than tampons. Do share your experience with us in the below comment section.

Best Sanitary Product- Tampons, Menstrual Cups, Sanitary Pads

Periods! Let’s turn some pages back when only sanitary pads were popular among women during menstrual cycle. However, the trend gradually changes with the advancement of time and different needs of modern women. First comes first, there was a time when women use leaves and cloth to control the menstrual fluid from staining the clothes. These were easily replaced by sanitary pads to embrace the no-mess during periods. Over the years, sanitary pads got modified by turning ‘menstrual fluid’ to ‘gel’ for making the experience easier for women during their periods.   This is how, sanitary pads were managed to make the menstrual experience easy for women; however, there were so many more events on which sanitary pads were not an appropriate option for women with periods. Therefore, here tampons came into the market to give women an alternate choice while swimming or any other sports during the menstrual cycle. Tampons relieve women from rashes, chafing and other forms of feminine hygiene. Now, being finger-sized, the consumption of tampons, enhanced and to maintaining the hygiene factor under the budget, menstrual cups were introduced. Best Menstrual Management Methods As we are now how these sanitary products came into the existence, it’s time now to get a clear crystal idea on these sanitary products. Read on to explore the pros and cons of these sanitary products and choose the best menstrual management method for you. Sanitary Pads Also known as sanitary napkins or menstrual pads, these are one of the easiest ways of feminine hygiene and are widely used option. However, there are some women who prefer to use both tampon and pads according to the flow of the menstrual fluid. Therefore, it is really beneficial to know the pros and cons of using sanitary pads: Pros of Sanitary Pads No Painless Insertion This is the most common and primary reason for using sanitary pads over any other sanitary products available in the market. There are many women who don’t like the idea of inserting something inside the vagina. Even women with children don’t like putting anything artificial going up to their vagina. That’s why sanitary pads are topping the list of sanitary hygiene products and market as well. No Toxic Shock Syndrome The best reason for using pads is that they don’t pose the risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome as they don’t absorb the menstrual fluid. TTS (Toxic Shock Syndrome) is a bacterial infection that is caused when the tampon is left inside for a long time. Cons of Sanitary Pads No Feminine Hygiene Rashes and other feminine hygiene can be experienced by women if they are physically active all day long. Not Eco-friendly According to the report, it is revealed now that pads are not biodegradable. Tampons As mentioned above in this article, a tampon is the best choice while swimming and other playing sports when a woman is in her periods. They are the most popular choice of feminine hygiene for women younger than 45 age. Women who want to have a physical freedom throughout the day, they are more inclined to these tampons. Let’s discuss its pros and cons: Pros of Tampons No Blood Stains Women have experienced that tampons soak up the blood before it comes out from the vagina which results in no blood staining on the clothes. Easy to Use Tampons are easy to use feminine hygiene products. Also, they are more comfortable when it comes using it during periods. Cons of Tampons TTS Risk The biggest issue that most of the women experience is that it may cause TSS if it left inside for a longer period of time. Discomfort While Urinating Not a big issue but it could make any woman discomfort while peeing as the tampon is pushed against your vaginal wall making the urine stream a little slower. Menstrual Cups When it comes to this method, there are two types of menstrual cups available on the market. The first one is disposable cups that are meant to use and throw purpose like sanitary pads and tampons; whereas the second one is a bell-shaped cup made of silicon or rubber that can be reused after a thorough wash. Both menstrual cups are made to collect the menstrual fluid. This is one of the most budget-friendly options amongst all. Here are some pros and cons of it: Pros of Menstrual Cups Affordable Option Menstrual cups are a better option in terms of monetary and health. Both types of menstrual cups are made to collect the blood; however, the reusable option is best for women who look for the pocket-friendly option. Environmental-friendly Option Being the only available in reusable feminine hygiene options, menstrual cups create less waste to clog up the landfills.   Cons of Menstrual Cups Removal Issues Removing cups is one of the most tedious that several women find as it is filled with fluid and it can be dropped if pulled out carelessly. Maintenance It is recommended to sterilize the cup after every use for hygiene purpose. Over to You Among all the choices for feminine hygiene protection, it’s recommended to wash your hands before you use any of these menstrual management methods. Do share your thoughts with us in the below comment section. 

How The Female Orgasm Works

What happens to your body when you are climaxing? Why do you feel so happy and relaxed once you are done with orgasm? These are some of the questions that every woman wants to know. So, here’s the science behind the female orgasm. Know it, feel it, and try to get satisfied. Delving Deep into the Female Orgasm Mechanism It all starts with “The Clitoris”. The clitoris has the incredible function of promoting sexual excitement, which in turn induces a woman to have intercourse and become pregnant. However, it’s not always mandatory to have an orgasm to get pregnant. Because there are a lot of women who did conceive without climaxing orgasm at all. So, why do women orgasm? Why do they feel so satisfied and relaxed after climaxing? These are some questions that scientists are trying to figure out. While you are climaxing… During an intercourse, you feel a warm and sexy rush that boost your excitement levels. This happens because of the blood vessles that starts heading straight to your vagina and clitoris. This is the time when your vagina walls start secreting lubrication that eventually gets bigger and flows together. As you get deeper into it, the blood heading towards your vagina starts flowing rapidly, your heartbeat fastens, breathing speeds up, and the lower part of the vagina narrows to grip the penis. However, the upper part of the vagina expands a bit to give penis someplace to go. After some point of time  -if all goes well - an incredible amount of nerve and muscle tension will start building up in the genitals, pelvis, buttocks, and thighs. It will keep on building up until you reach the climax and your body involuntarily releases it all at once in a series of intensely pleasurable waves, knowns as the orgasm. This is the moment which gives you the maximum satisfaction and this is the point where you actually feel to stop and relax for a while. At this big bag moment, your uterus, vagina, and anus go into serious of contractions simultaneously at 0.8 seconds intervals. Normally, a small orgasm consists of 3-5 contractions and a big one can have from 10 to 15 contractions. Some women report to have a clitoral orgasm, some speaks about the vaginal orgasm, and others say they experience a combination of two. After the peak of pleasure, the body gradually slides into a state of relaxation but sadly not all women face it. A lot of women complain of pelvic heaviness and aching if they fail to reach the climax. Not only this, there are cases when women have experienced less satisfaction even after reaching the climax. They complain that a single orgasm is not enough to release the build muscle and nerve tension which in turn leave them in their own blue balls. Surprisingly, male do experience sexual tension and heaviness and it’s quite harmless. So, there is no need to worry about it. Final Words Sex, is no doubt, one of the basic pleasures of life but the orgasm is something that cannot be expressed in words. If you have a vagina, you have all rights to steal some moments of relaxation and satisfaction while climaxing. The ultimate journey of the female orgasm starts from the clitoral stimulation and ends up with rhythmic contractions of nerves and muscles. This is how the female orgasm works and makes women happy and satisfied. Hope this works for you. 

How to Encourage Yourself on "Off" Days

Sometimes, we all face those days when we feel demotivated enough to not do anything. This usually happens when the things did not go the way we wanted them to. We sit in frustration wondering why is this happening with us! We feel sorry for ourselves the entire day. And as the day comes to a close, we realize that we need to pick ourselves up and clear up the wounds and scrapes. If you are also going through such an “off” day, then here are few ways for you in which you can try to encourage yourself: Relax When you are feeling overwhelmed, the most crucial thing is to bring yourself back to normal. Take a deep breath. Go for a walk. Indulge in a candlelit bath. Or listen to your favorite song. Do whatever it takes to feel relaxed. Once you are calm enough, work through the thing which is making you feel off. Instead of pushing it under the rug, confronting it is a better option. Provide yourself with the opportunity to clear your mind. Set a goal Setting a goal for yourself is a great way to get yourself out from the rut of an off day. And the best method to achieve this goal is to make it public! Sounds weird? Well, putting up your goal on social media makes you accountable through public’s knowledge of your goal to actually move ahead and achieve it. Get up, dress up and show up Make sure to always look good and feel good. Have you heard about “Fake it till you make it”? Sometimes when you are having an off day, this proves out to be the best thing to do. So, go above and beyond to dress really well, make sure to be present wherever you plan to go and carry yourself as if it were any other day. When you get “too busy” to be consumed by the overwhelming feeling, you slowly start feeling the same way! Find something to look forward to Think of something which is in the near future and can perk you up throughout the day. Maybe a special dinner that you have planned for the evening, or a certain television show. Or else it could simply be the thought of a good book that you would return to bed with. When you think about your end goal for the day, you tend to be more encouraged to get through things in order to reach your goal.   Wrapping up: Whether it is due to excess stress, lack of sleep, or some other reason, know that we all face such off days sometimes in life. Everyone goes through high and low periods of motivation, with some days not going by so easily and others running quite smoothly. Despite all this, we are still expected to perform our duties and responsibilities at home and at work. So, just keep moving ahead and try to be as calm as possible. Remember that it is completely okay to not feel okay sometimes!