How To Be A Popular College Girl

Having a lot of friends can provide you with social support, help boost your mood, and reduce feelings of stress. If you want to become popular, focus on being a likable person who others genuinely want to be around. You can also gain recognition and respect in your college by joining a variety of clubs and activities. Here are some tips that will help you being more social, and popularity will follow in time. Get involved in your college events Join a club - If you want to be popular, you'll need to be seen and known around your college. Joining an extracurricular activity can help boost your status. It has the added benefit of allowing you to make new friends, enhancing your popular nature. If you're focusing on popularity, you may want to see what kinds of clubs the popular kids are joining. If the most popular girls in college are all in the debate club, this may be a great place to meet popular students. Get involved in sports - In many colleges, popular girls are involved in sports or athletics. Joining a sports team may help you get to know the popular students. If you end up excelling at sports, you may become popular yourself. Run for student council - Are the class presidents, treasurers, and representatives popular in your college? If so, you may benefit from running for student council. At the beginning of the year, when elections are held, try to get a campaign team together and go for a spot in student council. Show up to college related events - If you want to be popular, you have to put yourself out there and socialize. Attend college events where the popular crowd is likely to hang out. Do not skip out on things like college dances, sporting events, and pep rallies Make new friends Set goals - It may sound strange, but setting goals can help you make new friends. This is especially true if you're on the shy side. Setting small goals for yourself, that allow you to gradually break out of your shell, can help boost your popularity. Invite people to do things with you - If you want to make more friends, you have to focus on socializing outside the classroom. Once you get comfortable hanging out at college, try inviting someone out. Ask an acquaintance if he or she wants to go see a movie or get coffee. Try getting a group together to do something fun, like go to the mall. Do not take rejection personally -  Fear of rejection is a big reason people refrain from putting themselves out there. However, rejection happens to everyone. Just because someone doesn't want to see a movie with you on a particular Friday does not mean that person is not interested in your friendship Get on social media - Social media can help you be popular, especially in college. Many teenagers have accounts like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter that are a major aspect of socialization. A lot of invitations to events, as well as conversation and bonding, happen online. Have the right attitude Give yourself a makeover - While you should not focus on looks alone to be popular, confidence is key to popularity. Giving yourself a new haircut and changing up your wardrobe and makeup can help you feel better about yourself. This may make you more likely to put yourself out there and seek out new friendships, boosting your popularity Be yourself - Being authentic can help you win friends. While many people feel they have to change to be popular, people tend to be naturally drawn to people who are comfortable in their own skin. Try to let your personality show through. Do not be afraid to bring up your own interests and passions when the opportunity presents itself. Let your unique qualities, like your sense of humor, shine through during conversations Be a helpful person - Another way to be popular is to be helpful to others. Listen when a friend is in need. If someone needs help with a maths problem, offer to lend them a helping hand. People want to be around people who are caring and kind to other people. Trying to be helpful can help you be more popular Be friendly - If you're a warm and friendly person, people can be drawn to you. This can win you more friends and more popularity. Work on cultivating a friendly attitude in order to be popular in your college

Best painless hair removal methods to try at home

Hair removal is a wonderful consideration when you really wish to stay clean and attractive. Women have unwanted hairs in their under arms, hands, legs and pubic areas. Getting rid of those unwanted hair can help you get attractive looks. People visits expensive parlors and get rid of those unwanted hair around. This is expensive as well as painful. All you have to do is get some home remedies. Yes, it is now possible to remove your unwanted hair just by staying at home. Even those remedies will be painless. Here we have listed a collection of home remedies.   1. Rose water and Alum   To avail this remedy, all you have to do is take a bowl and take a spoon of alum powder with rose water. Now, mix both the ingredients really well and dip cotton ball in the solution. Now apply the cotton ball over the area from where you wish to remove the unwanted hair. Let the solution get dry over your skin tone. Once it is dry, apply it again and let it dry. Now, wash it away and apply a moisturizer over the skin. Do this 2 times in a week and get the result   2. Oatmeal and Banana   Another painless method of hair removal from the skin is through the combination of oatmeal and banana. You have to mash banana and keep it in a bowl and add a teaspoon of oatmeal in it. Mix both the ingredients and apply over your skin where you have unwanted hair. Let it stay for 15-20 minutes and then wash with warm water. This needs to be applied for 2-3 days in a week and see how well your skin appears.   3. Onion and Basil   Take a medium size onion and 10 basil leaves. Take them in a grinder and make a paste. Now apply this paste over the skin and leave it for 20 minutes. Once it has become dry remove it with water. You have to do this several times in a month and stay away from unwanted hair easily and naturally.   4. Lemon, Honey and Sugar   Sugar and lemon combined together can be used to remove hair from the skin in variety of ways. You can either get a hair removal pack or a homemade wax with these ingredients. For this process, you need to have each of 1 teaspoon of sugar, lemon juice , Honey  and corn starch or plain flour. Combine both sugar and lemon juice and keep in a separator. Now heat the mixture so that you get smooth glue out of it. You can also mix water if you see the glue is getting excessively thick. Now let the mixture get cool down and come to the room temperature. Now, you need to dust your skin with corn starch or plain flour and apply the mixture with a spoon or a spatula. Now cover the portion with the waxing strips and make an inverse effect to the bearing of hair development.

Four Expert Tips to Remove Makeup Completely Before Bed

After a long day, taking off our makeup is the last thing we all feel like doing. Isn’t it? But everyone likes to start their day looking completely fresh. If you wish to wake up with clean and glowing skin, then you absolutely need to take off all your makeup before going to bed. When you take off your makeup at night, you do your skin the ultimate favor. After all, sleeping with makeup on can lead to acne, dry skin and even wrinkles. Moreover, when we talk about the consequences of leaving eye makeup on, it has its own set of problems such as eye irritation, eye infections, broken eyelashes, and styes. Hence, removing your makeup every night is a necessity for skin care.   Tips on How to Remove Makeup Completely   1. Break down your makeup with a cleanser   Your usual everyday cleanser is sufficient to take off blush and foundation. Just massage the cleanser over your face and let it sit for 20 seconds. Do not forget your hairline, under your chin, and around your ears. Take out a wet, white cotton washcloth and wipe the cleanser from the face. You’ll really see that all the makeup is gone. In case your foundation is long-wearing, you can go over your face with remover first.   2. Give your eyes extra attention   Liner and mascara are the hardest to get off, but you would not like to scrub as the skin around the eyes is sensitive. Also, the cotton balls leave the fibers behind. So, use a cotton pad instead and either an oil-based remover for waterproof products or dual-phase remover specifically for the eyes. Close your eyes and hold the pre-soaked pads over your lids and lashes for about 10 seconds. This would give the remover enough time to dissolve the product before wiping.   3. Get rid of any excess oil   After you are done with removing your eye makeup, take another dry cotton pad to make sure you get rid off any last bits of the product as well as an excess makeup remover. This will help in preventing mascara circles in the morning and improving your makeup application the next day.   4. Always be gentle with your skin   Keep in mind that the process of taking off your makeup should be gentle and should never leave your skin irritated or dehydrated. You can use a cleansing oil, which won’t dry out your face. Make use of your fingers and swipe a small amount of oil across your eyebrows, lids, and lips and then massage it lightly all over your face. This will help in softening your skin and loosening the makeup, so you won’t have to rub it like crazy.   Wrapping up: Now that you have gently removed all of your makeup and cleansed properly your skin, follow up with a toner, moisturizer, or serums. After all, this, when you’ll wake up in the morning, you’ll be ready to take on the day with squeaky clean skin.  

Simple Tips to Achieve Luscious Lips

Women spend so much of fortune on cosmetics. But most of the attention is being paid to the face, eyes, and hair. Now, what about the lips? Of course, we do pay attention to our lips as well but that is just using lip balms, lipstick and lip gloss. These aren’t really enough if you want to get beautiful and luscious lips. And who doesn’t want this? Ladies, know that it is quite easy to achieve those luscious and kissable lips you desire. Just you need to follow certain tips which may help you with your lips. Apart from these tips, also make sure to take a healthy diet and stay physically healthy.   1. Regular Exfoliation   This is one of the most important steps which most women skip out entirely. It is very important to remove those dead cells of the extra peeling layer. Get a good brush having very soft bristles and exfoliate your lips gently each morning. Do not use your regular brush for the purpose. These are very harsh on the super sensitive skin of your lips and may injure them.   2. Moisturize   Exfoliating may leave your lips dry. Now, do not let them dry at all. Choose a good lip balm to moisturize your lips. Make sure the lip balm you choose has enough SPF protection so that it can protect your lips from the harmful sun rays and their side effects, i.e. pigmentation. Make it a habit to apply lip balm in the morning after brushing your teeth, in the afternoon and then at night before going to sleep. Also, carry a lip balm with you at all times. Some lipsticks dry and chap the lips and so it is advisable to always use a good lip balm underneath your lipstick.   3. Oils for the lips   Many of you must be aware of this tip. There are many oils which you can use on your lips such as olive oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter and Vitamin E. Apply oil on your lips before you sleep and keep it overnight. These oils will supple your lips.   4. Get rid of pigmentation   Pigmentation is a common problem these days. It causes discoloration of the lips and makes them dark. It is important to get rid of this if you wish beautiful and luscious lips. There are many ways and recipes to protect your lips from pigmentation. The simplest method is to mix few drops of lemon juice with few drops of honey and apply this mixture to your lips. Leave it for few minutes and then wash off. You can also add some sugar to the mixture and use it as a scrub.   5. Makeup   Always make sure to choose your makeup products wisely. Get a lipstick which stays long and does not transfer while eating or drinking.   Wrapping up: So, it isn’t really difficult to task to achieve luscious lips if you take care of them on a regular basis. Yes, it is not always possible to achieve pink rosy lips all of a sudden. Just follow the simple steps mentioned above regularly and you’ll definitely get your dream lips.

Secret Tips For Taking Care Of Your Lingerie

Women share an amicable relationship with bras; at times, it becomes quite difficult to explain it in words. The bra is the best friend of any woman as it gives a support, comfort, and shape to your burst. Therefore, it is really important to take good care of your best friend when it comes to lingerie washing. It sometimes becomes a huge investment for women who don’t like investing in it too often. This article will help you learn about the secret tips for taking care of lingerie for extending the life of the innerwear.   Top Tips For Taking Care Of Bras Needless to say, lingerie is an integral part of women’s clothing fashion. A wrong selection of lingerie can ruin the entire woman’s fashion. So, without fail consider the tips that will guide you to keep them alive and make wearable for a longer period of time. Gentle Hand Wash Delicate lingerie requires extra care and what’s the better way to show your care for lingerie than a hand wash. Preferably, machine wash can damage the life of the innerwear so it is significant to keep some things in mind while washing lingerie: Always use gentle detergent for delicate bras, if possible use liquid-base gentle detergents available in markets. Avoid harsh rubbing with your hands. Always wash them in cold water instead of hot water. Avoid washing them with regular clothes. Always make sure to not to bleach bras. Avoid spin-dry the bras. Store Them Correctly Storage of bra is yet another significant point that shouldn't skip. A lot of women keep them with their regular clothes which lead to distortion of the shape of bras. It is recommended to not to throw them in the wardrobe; instead, make some space for them in the wardrobe. If possible, go for the slider racks that segregate the bra collection. This will protect the bras from taking a weird shape and will also make easier to find out what to wear for the occasion. Don’t Wash Bras Too Frequent Washing lingerie on regular basis could lead to ruin the beauty of delicate lingerie. Therefore, it is suggested by the experts not to wash on regular basis. There are some brands that label this warning attached to the lingerie to let them last long. Apparently, it is also suggested to not to wear it for two days in a row as the sweat can damage the beauty of the lingerie. Clasp Them While Washing Clasp them to avoid ruining other lingerie fabric. Bras without clasping are more prone to damage other bras since the hooks can be torn the fabric. Apart from damaging the stuff, it becomes difficult to untangle these bras if they are left unclasped. Never Iron Lingerie There are many women who like t iron every kind of clothes from under-shirts to innerwear. When it comes to bras, do not iron bras to let them stay as it is for a longer period of time. Hot steam can loosen up the elasticity of bras and could harm the fabric of the bra.   Wrapping Up By following these aforementioned tips anyone can extend the life of bras and will make lacy briefs stay longer. So get inspired and follow these tips to keep the favorite ones for a longer period. In case, we are left with something unsaid or unmentioned, do share it with us to make this post more valuable.