Your Style Guide To Comfy And Cute Statement Bathrobes


Sure, a towel will work the trick, but there's something magical about donning a bathrobe as a kind of escape. A velvety terrycloth might evoke memories of a faraway vacation. At the same time, sumptuous silk can make even the laziest Sunday feel indulgent. We interviewed spa owners, loungewear, and lingerie designers about the bathrobes for women or girls they rely on to help you select the ideal one. Having a wider variety of suggestions is an essential part of our guide. But first, let’s start with the basics.


Bathrobe basics:

Size: Bathrobes are frequently available in unisex sizes — with alternatives indicated as XS/S rather than the traditional single writing (XS, S, and so on) — or simply one size. We recommend selecting a bathrobe one size up your actual size, and trust me, you will thank us later.

Material: Terrycloth is the most often used material for bathrobes. It's simple to understand why: It's a cotton subset noted for being thick and absorbent ("terry" refers to the way the fabric is looped (a waffle weave refers to a design). Understanding the difference between robes and towels comes in handy since many companies use the same cotton for both.

According to Strategist writer Lauren Ro, there are three kinds of cotton: Egyptian (soft and fluffy), Turkish (fast-drying), and Supima (similar to Egyptian but not as sumptuous). Although cotton has numerous advantages, and most of our experts prefer it, we highly recommend Turkish cotton as it is quick-drying and is good for outdoor lounging when you are relaxing on a beach vacay.

Designs: The variety of designs available makes selecting a bathrobe both enjoyable and challenging. There are some with pockets, while others have wide collars, and some have both. You can choose a bathrobe based on your personal style.

Colors: You can definitely have fun with colors in the bathrobe section. There are a range of colors which you can decide from, from the classic white bathrobe to a cute pink bathrobe and some brands like Richie House also offer unique colors such as coffee and coconut-colored bathrobes.

Price: To select from the best of the best, we focused on companies we'd heard of (think Brooklinen and Parachute) as well as ones that people rave about. The bathrobes on this post are all labeled under $100 to as high as $1,250.

Based on these parameters, we've compiled the most remarkable women's bathrobes to enrich your downtime, from satin and fluffy robes to spa ones. 


1. Parachute Classic Cotton Bathrobe  

Consider Parachute's basic robe as a more economical option. It has a long history – at its peak, the robe had a waiting list of about 2,000 individuals (we have flocked to get it since then).

This Parachute robe is the best plus-size bathrobe. "It's not the thickest robe I've ever worn, but it's the warmest," says Heather Pearson, co-founder of Dande and the Lion, a vegan clothing brand. Pearson described the fit as "excellent" and can be categorized in a long-length bathrobe with the perfect arm and knee-length to make it appear virtually custom-made. It's a stress reliever since the supersoft cotton surrounds you in a feel-good cloud.

  • Size: It comes in all sizes
  • Material: Turkish cotton
  • Design: It has a front pocket, a cozy shawl collar, and a waist tie.
  • Color: It is available in classic white.
  • Price: $109


2. Fluffy Bathrobes

If you like fluff, the Brooklinen Super-Plush Robe has our approval. The reason why people have raved over it so much is that it’s good to fall asleep in the robe after a particularly late shower since it's so comfy.

We are true fans of fluffy, fuzzy robes, as it makes us feel ready to hop into our beds and watch movies all day.

  • Size: It comes in all sizes, and a (5’6” person wears a size XS/S)
  • Material: Turkish cotton
  • Design: It has front pockets and spa-like comfort.
  • Color: It is available in white, golden rod, flamingo, smoky gray, graphite, and aqua-blue colors.
  • Price: $89.10


3. Lightweight Bathrobes

If a traditional bathrobe is too plain for you, take a hint from Charlotte Palermino, co-founder of Nice Paper, who prefers this bright Bathen robe. "The stripes make me feel like I'm going to stroll out into my private backyard someplace in the Riviera," she adds, "rather than stress-listening to the news as I perform my skin-care regimen." Despite its lightweight, the cotton dries quickly. "Most bathrobes are excessively heavy or feel like wet housecoats when I'm done wearing them," she says, adding that the fabric is delicate but not fragile.

  • Size: It comes in all sizes
  • Material: 100% organic Indian cotton
  • Design: Stripes
  • Color: It is available in the multicolor format.
  • Price: $145

Another lightweight vibrant robe that received great appreciation was Block Shop's Sidewinder Robe, brought to us by publicist Linlee Allen-Homs. "I may not look like David Hockney's Beverly Hills Housewife," she adds, "but when I'm wearing this robe and standing in my yard with a morning coffee in hand, I certainly feel like one."

  • Size: It comes in all sizes
  • Material: Organic Indian cotton
  • Design: Block prints
  • Color: It is available in the multicolor format.
  • Price: $145


Women wire Best Bath robe


4. Bathrobes with piping

High-end textile brands The Ritz-Carlton, St. Regis, and the Soho House have all employed high-end linens made by Frette, which was created in the 19th century. The firm manufactures the types of traditional soft robes that wrap — and cost a good coin. H by Frette, the company's diffusion line, offers the same luxurious atmosphere without the hefty price tag of a five-star hotel. It's as plush as you'd expect, thanks to the luxurious piping over the collar, waist tie, sleeves, and shoulders, yet it doesn't make it too hot to wear. It gives a luxe feeling and is a good investment for your self-love journey.

  • Size: X, M, L, and XL
  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Design: Shawl collar, V-neck, with two deep pockets and belted waist
  • Color: It is available in a classic white hue.
  • Price: $175


5. Bathrobes that are quick-dry

Snowe's bathrobe was a hit with our panelists. It's constructed of soft cotton terry that's designed to dry quickly. Cyndi Ramirez-Fulton, the founder of self-care institution Chillhouse, owns two, owing to her dislike of "using a robe at a hotel that doesn't truly dry me off; this one does." According to Grace Lee, creator of the bridesmaid dress designer Birdy Grey, the robe is vital. It's "spun of silky and fluffy terrycloth that feels hotel-level wonderful after a long shower," she says. Nikita Richardson, the senior staff editor at the New York Times, describes it as an investment in her "personal warmth."

  • Size: Unisex sizing
  • Material: 100% long-staple cotton
  • Design: Generously sized and with a long V-neck
  • Color: It is available in an essential white hue.
  • Price: $100


6. Brooklinen Waffle Robe

"I've never met a waffle weave robe I didn't enjoy, but this waffle robe from Brooklinen is everything," writes writer and digital creative Carrie Carrollo, who chose to test the bathrobe after having a good experience with the brand's linens. She described the waffle weave as soft and bouncy, with just the right weight to keep you dry without feeling suffocated.

The Brooklinen Waffle Bath Robe, made of 100 percent Turkish cotton, doesn't get much more zen. The traditional shape with its distinctive weave pattern is ideal for drying off after a soothing bath or lying around the home when you want to chill (while remaining very much in style, of course).

The broad collar and flattering shape equal immediate chic– you can comfortably lay in it all day without feeling like you're undermining your style. In fact, it will express that you are thorough in your manner, even when you are not working. Furthermore, the waffle-like surface absorbs water exceptionally well. So you can hop out of the hot tub and into your crisp, classic waffle robe and be toasty and dry in minutes. 

  • Size: Available in all sizes
  • Material: Turkish Cotton
  • Design: Wide sleeves and side pockets, striped
  • Color: It is available in pink, white, and gray colors.
  • Price: $99


7. Richie House Women bathrobe

The Richie House Bathrobe is ideal for a soft bathrobe that is large on comfort but little on budget. This robe feels like you tripped and collapsed into a cloud of coziness, covering every inch of you (gracefully, of course). The 100 percent polyester coral fleece fabric (coral fleece is a significant step up from regular fleece) feels lovely on your skin. You'll be practically mummified in this ankle-length gown with a large shawl collar in the most amicable possible manner.

Because of the superb stitching and robust fabric, this robe will last you through many Netflix and relaxation sessions before you need to replace it. So, the Richie House Bathrobe has everything you need to keep you warm, comfortable, and cozy on a chilly winter night. It makes you feel like you've climbed into a lovely feather cushion.

  • Size: Available in all sized
  • Material: 100% coral fleece
  • Design: Long sleeve and long length bathrobe.
  • Color: Purple, gray, mauve, blue, white, black, green.
  • Price: $100


8. Sexy silk robe

Your day may be filled with chores, errands, and unappealing jobs. It doesn't matter. Slipping on the ultra-feminine La Perla silk bathrobe will make you feel as luxurious, glamorous, and carefree as you can.

This exquisite silky robe is spun from delicate silk yarns. It falls to just above the knee, with a subtle sensuality that is entirely suitable to wear around children. The 'Wild Rose' shade is delicate and sophisticated and looks great on your naturally flushed morning face. There's a simple tie closure fastened with a button for added durability (no 'accidentally' ruining the postman's day). The La Perla Satin-silk robe will take your loungewear to new sensual heights.

  • Size: Available in all sized
  • Material: 100% silk
  • Design:
  • Color: Wild rose, off-white rayon, black
  • Price: $465-$1230


9. Best lounging bathrobes

Most of us wear our bathrobes outside the bathroom and smoothly integrate them into our loungewear collection. So, to get us through bathtime and lounge time, we'll need a robe that's up to the task. The Cuyana Pima Modal Robe is the best bathrobe for women who love to lounge. The robe is made from the brand's distinctive Peruvian Pima long-staple cotton and is unbelievably soft. It's ideal for layering over loungewear or quickly replacing your coat as you walk in the door (no judgments here). However, to reap the full benefits of its smoothness, put it on bare skin.

The Cuyana Pima Modal Robe has a high-low hem that falls just above the knee. It's attractive and functional: the huge pockets can hold your chill-time staples without you having to raise a finger, and the belt ties the look together.

  • Size: Available in XS and M size only, other sizes are presently out of stock.
  • Material: 50% Pima Cotton and 50% modal
  • Design: Huge patch front pockets and belt
  • Color: Heather gray and black hue.
  • Price: $95


10. Comfy Fleece Bathrobes

Nothing like a fleece robe keeps you warm and cozy on a cool morning. The Sherpa robe by Eberjey is named after the Nepalese mountain guides who know it all about staying warm. The slip-on robe looks the part and performs well in warm comfort. Put it on after a hot shower, or pair it with a good movie and a glass of Bordeaux for pure relaxation. The Eberjey Sherpa robe's wrap-around style and tie-waist keep it lovely and secure when pottering around preparing coffee in the morning.

  • Size: Available in all sizes
  • Material: 100% polyester with modal lining
  • Design: Without front pockets, long V-necks, and lace cuts with a waist belt.
  • Color: It is available in Ivory, black and white hues.
  • Price: $ 450



Putting on a lovely bathrobe is the ultimate hint that your “me-time” is about to begin. You've lit your scented candles, brewed your herbal tea, and put on your coziest pajamas. There's no reason why your bathrobe, like the rest of your clothing, can't be a stunning representation of your personality. Fortunately, there are several types to select from; offers fashionable bathrobes that make a statement. So that you may spend your day cocooned in your favorite bathrobe, which we recognize is an essential luxury after a long day. Not to mention it's our post-bath outfit, our Saturday morning breakfast uniform, and our movie-watching uniform.