Profile of Tokyo, Japan: History, Attractions and Climate

With over 13 million people, Tokyo is Japan's capital and largest city. This vast metropolis brings together ancient traditions, the latest technology, and strangely unique attractions. Among other things, visitors may browse massive electronics stores or relax in a cafe populated by Siamese cats. Sightseers also enjoy hiking Mount Takao in the city's western district. Tokyo can be found near the east coast of Honshu Island. Its history began over 5,000 years ago when the village of Edo gained its first residents. The Past Edo remained a tiny fishing settlement for many centuries. A fort was constructed and the town started to gain political significance during the 12th century, according to the History Channel. Its population grew rapidly, and officials renamed the city "Tokyo" in 1868. Emperor Meiji soon departed Kyoto to take up residence in the nation's new capital. Tokyo prospered until an earthquake caused tremendous damage throughout the region. The September 1923 disaster killed more than 140,000 people, according to the metropolitan government. Japan's capital slowly recovered during the 1930s, but it suffered heavy damage in World War II. Tokyo's economy rebounded in subsequent decades as the capital built new transit systems and factories. Despite the economic difficulties of the 1990s, it has remained a prosperous, modern city. Attractions Visitors can find numerous public parks, historic buildings and religious temples in Tokyo. Japanese royals established the city's Imperial House over 2,600 years ago, according to the History Channel. So far, 125 different leaders have ruled Japan from this palace. The lesser-known Gotokuji Temple attracts Buddhists and cat owners who appreciate its many feline statues. Tourists can also enjoy almost any type of food in Japan's capital. It boasts approximately 160,000 restaurants and cafes, according to CNN. They range from sushi bars and noodle shops to foreign eateries of every kind. Shoppers in Tokyo may purchase nearly any product imaginable. Different stores sell high-end jewelry, custom suits, vintage robot toys or hard-to-find gadgets. Conditions Tokyo's temperatures remain mild during much of the year. The Japan National Tourism Organization reports that average readings hit 78 F in July and fall to 42 degrees in January. Leaves change color and winds increase during the autumn months. This city has a warmer climate than Sendai, but it's often cooler than Osaka. The capital receives about 55 inches of rain each year. Like most large cities, it experiences frequent traffic jams and crowded sidewalks. Air pollution became a significant problem in the early 1970s, but its severity has decreased. Tokyo also continues to face the threat of tsunamis and powerful earthquakes. A Swiss insurer ranked it as the city with the highest risk level for natural disasters, according to Japan Today.  The Vibrant Culture Although it may not be the safest place on Earth, Tokyo offers a vibrant culture that attracts visitors from across Japan and around the world. It's one of the few cities where people can watch sumo wrestling matches, shop for 1960s apparel and eat square watermelons in a single day. Travelers needn't bring cars to enjoy these diverse attractions; they can reach almost any destination on the capital's convenient railway system.

Reward Yourself for a Job Well Done

Whether you’re doing a great job on your diet or you got the big promotion at your work, there’s always a special time to give yourself that little extra treat you’ve been wanting for quite some time. Of course, what that treat is will differ from person to person and whatever the accomplished task is, but no matter what it is, the feeling you get from rewarding yourself is absolutely amazing. It’s a proud moment that gives you the sense that you’ve done something great and you’ve earned every bit that you reward yourself with. Maybe you’ve been on a long-standing diet and you have been craving that candy or ice cream or a certain meal so bad. Give yourself a plateau that if you reach it, you can allow yourself the reward of that treat because you know deep down that you’ve earned it. Maybe you don’t even want food; in that case, you can reward yourself with a nice little shopping spree to get some new clothes to go with your new figure. That’s a great way to reward yourself and show off your accomplishments to the rest of the world.   Say you get that promotion at work you’ve been working so hard for and with it comes a nice raise in your pay; this is the perfect time to treat yourself to something you’ve really wanted like a new television or new shoes or anything that you felt may have been out of your budget range before the new promotion. This is the perfect example of rewarding yourself for a job well done because you took the time to put in the hard work, it paid off and now you can get the things you wanted but couldn’t afford before. Of course, you don’t want to go too crazy on the spending spree, but a nice treat is perfect to congratulate yourself. Think of it as if you were a little kid again and you were back in grade school. Every time you got a good grade or did a good deed, you would earn a gold star or a happy face or your test would get put on the fridge on display for everybody to see. Rewarding yourself for things you do is based on the similar incentive that when you do great things, you get to feel proud and reap whatever benefits may come from that accomplishment; in this case the benefit is whatever you reward yourself with. Treats and rewards are what push us to do better in everything we do and to accomplish so many of our goals because we know that if we do one thing great, we earn something we want. So go out there, be great and give yourself a nice treat to reward yourself for a job well done.

5 Simple Joys That Can Brighten Up Your Day

We all go through THOSE daysâ€"you know, the ones when nothing seems to go your way. These days are a part of life, and they can sometimes be unavoidable. However, the great news is, there are several simple joys that you can indulge in to pick yourself up from a lousy day. And the best part is, these little joys aren’t just inexpensive, they’re pretty easy to do too. Check out the list below of small but effective things that you can do to cheer yourself up after a bad day: Treat yourself to a bubble bath â€" Having a stressful day? Then why not draw a nice bubble bath for yourself when you get home? While you’re at it, turn on some relaxing music and just leave the whole day behind as you get in the tub. Soaking up in warm bubbly water for several minutes (maybe even a hour) can effectively take your mind off the stresses of that day and relax your muscles so you don’t have to deal with any emotional stress converting into physical pain. Make yourself a positive mix â€" Think mixed tapes are really cheesy? Well, yeah they probably are, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not effective. A feel good mix can successfully get you out of a bad day, if you let it. Round up your favorite positive songs and put them all in a playlist or CD. When you’ve had a not-so-pleasant day, turn on the music on your way home and just sing along. This is a sure-fire way to get into a lighter mood and give you a better mindset. Music is the panacea of all woes, after all. Sleep early â€" When you’re too tired or stressed out, don’t make it worse by complaining about it. Instead, grab an early dinner and hit the sheets as soon as you can. This will not only put an end to a bad day, it will also give your body the much needed rest it deserves, and it will invigorate you for a better day when you wake up in the morning. Have a marathon of your favorite drama or sitcom â€" Sometimes, one of the best ways to escape the stresses of the real world is to get lost in a fictional realm instead. Consider renting out full seasons of your favorite TV shows and have a marathon at home. If you’re doing way too much at work or at home, then take the chance to be a couch potato for a day. (Just don’t get addicted to it.) Invite your co-workers to happy hour â€" Long day in the office? Then who could relate more than the people that you work with? If you’re chummy with some of your co-workers then invite them out for a drink. A lot of restaurants and sports bars have great happy hour specials, so it shouldn’t create such a huge dent on your budget. Grabbing dinner or drinks with your officemates can bring you closer together and strengthen your working relationship, so give it a try and you might just experience less stressful days at work.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Massage

Being massaged is undoubtedly one of the best treats that a girl can get. Whether you’re a student, a career girl, or a mom, getting a massage every now and then can definitely increase your well-being. Sometimes, feelings of stress can immediately be dispelled by a good back rub, foot rub, or both! Ladies sometimes dismiss the idea of getting a massage because it’s not in their budget. Big mistake. Failing to pamper yourself can lead to even more stress and can prevent you from performing at your best. Additionally, treating yourself to a massage can also free up some emotional blockage and can lead you to be at a happier mental and emotional state. With that said, it’s important that you spoil yourself and indulge in a good massage every once in a while. Not sure where to start? Check out the following tips: Check out daily deal websites â€" Being on a tight budget shouldn’t hinder from treating yourself to a good massage. Check out daily deal websites like Groupon and Living Social as they often have special bargains from spas and massage therapists. You can also sign up for an account at Lifebooker, a daily deal website specifically for beauty and wellness businesses. These sites can give you as much as 80% off, so always shop around for great offers before booking your session. Round up the girls â€" Can’t find a deal that you like? Want to save even more? Then round up your girl friends and look for special group rates. Spas and other massage establishments often provide lower rates if you go with a group, so be sure to ask them for group discounts. Doing so will not only save you some cash, but it can also pave the way for a more enjoyable experience, and can give you a chance to bond with your friends. Why not make a party out of it? If you’re thinking of celebrating a special occasion with just your close friends then perhaps a massage party could do the trick. Read reviews before you book anything â€" Once you find a good place (or a good deal) be sure to do your research before buying anything. The last thing you want is to get a “great bargain” on paper only to find out that the business offers not-so-pleasant services. To make sure that you’re getting a quality massage, swing by Yelp and other review websites to see what customers have to say about the business. Be sure to read the reviews carefully and keep your BS monitor on though, as fake online reviews are becoming rampant. Talk to your massage therapist â€" When you finally arrive to get your massage, be sure to talk to your massage therapist first. Don’t just walk in and lie down without saying a word. Take the time to talk to the person giving you a massage. Ask questions and share any trouble spots in your body. Doing so will allow you really make the most out of your experience and you’ll be able to reap more benefits out of the massage. Image credit: Nick J Webb on Flickr