The 10 Best Walking Shoes For Women This Year


Sure, we enjoy talking about the outfits that are hit on the runway just as much as everyone else but don't forget about the shoes. After all, shoes make everyone look great—there are no limits to the designs you may try! When the spring/summer collections hit the runway, we were happy to see old faves like sneakers, slides, stilettos (remember them?), and platforms. Bright colors and luxurious touches were at the forefront, an enthusiastic cry to wake up, put on a pair of kicks, and meet the world with gusto, regardless of your heel-height choice. Here are the top women's shoe trends to look out for in 2022.


1. Cowboy Boots

With these distinctive black and white cowboy boots, you can live out your Western fantasies. Choose an ankle-length pair or one that reaches your shin — they're a timeless classic that never goes out of style. Whether you mix it with blue denim or a monochrome set, this is a look that will become head turner, and for a good cause.


2. Kitten Heels

These adorable kitten heel boots will add a fashionable touch to any ensemble. White is one of the season's favorite shoe colors, so mix them with bright or pastel colors to make them stand out. This footwear goes well with jeans, a trench coat, and a midi skirt. They're a must-have for any woman's wardrobe, no matter how you wear them.


3. Boots with Straight Legs

Say goodbye to shoes that are too tight to walk in, and welcome to these straight-leg boots. They look fantastic with long and flowing dresses, but they keep you warm when the weather lowers. Choose something fundamental and subtle, or go all out with a crazy design or animal print. When you wish to show off your sexy long legs, pair these shoes with a short skirt and a long jacket, and you'll be cruising the streets in style all day.


4. Decorative Heels

With these extravagant heels, let your feet do the talking. One can not go wrong with a statement shoe, whether gold, silver, or crystal. Nothing extravagant — a simple design with a beautiful decoration is enough to create a statement. If you wish to go all out, try a designer shoe or one with a feature wrapped over the rear of the heel.


5. Boots with square toes

Thanks to these boots, being square has become fashionable. The cut-off style adds a modern touch to classic footwear and is meant to be noticed. Show off your pins with an ankle-length pair, or go for the knee-high look with a skirt. These shoes look lovely in any context and are timeless so that you may wear them for the rest of your life!


6. Kitten Mule

With these kitten heel mules, you can channel your inner fashionista. Because of its short height and prominent toe, this style goes well with just about anything. Whatever your style, you can't go wrong with these stunning shoes.


7. Military boots

These durable and fashionable shoes will complement any outfit, whether you're undertaking an army crawl or strolling through the city streets. Wear trousers and a sweater with the footwear, or go for a delicate and hyper-feminine sundress for the ultimate '90s flashback. You'll be the most incredible girl everywhere you go with a pair of these puppies, no matter how you wear them.


8. White Chunky Sneaker

You can take athletic chic to a new level with chunky white shoes. Whether you're wearing them for fashion or sheer comfort, this footwear is the ideal balance of luxury and leisure. You can wear it with a long skirt, sweatpants, or jeans to take on the world.


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9. Boots with a Contrast Toe

With these contrast toe boots, opposites attract. Whether black and brown or blue and white, these mixed and matched shoes can give dimension to any ensemble. There are several possibilities for ankle to knee-length footwear to make you appear like the most trendy person in the room.


10. Formal heels with ankle straps

Platform heels are a great way to get into the summer spirit. Whether the straps go up to your leg or stop at the ankle, these shoes are terrific to show off your pins while still keeping you cool. Wear the boots with a flowing dress for a semi-formal look, or pair them with socks for an altogether laidback look.


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Women's Shoes: Frequently Asked Questions

Which women's shoe is the most popular?

It isn't easy to pinpoint the most popular women's shoes. However, there are a few wardrobe essentials that every woman should have. A superb pair of traditional black ballerina flats adaptable, comfy, and attractive is among them. Next, sneakers are the best walking shoes for women. They are comfortable and long-lasting. Mid-heeled boots, either ankle or tall, are also on the list, followed by a pair of neutral summer sandals. Finally, black heels are the shoe wardrobe's equivalent of the little black dress - make sure you choose a design that allows you to walk comfortably and securely.


Are flats in vogue in 2022?

Flats will be famous in 2022. They're both comfy and functional, and they look excellent with everything from pants and skirts to dresses and shorts. Consider traditional ballerina flats, pointed mules, loafers, combat boots, and tennis shoes. In 2022, these styles will be updated with square toes, Mary-Jane style straps, and natural materials.


Are Flatforms in Fashion in 2022?

While they might be contentious, flatforms were hot in 2021. The thick soles give the user more height without the pain of heels. As a result, they're both functional and fashionable. The most popular types are sneakers and sandals, which keep your foot secure to compensate for the added weight of the soles.


Are Uggs going out of style in 2022?

Ugg boots are still popular on the streets, albeit not as much as in the mid-2000s. They are not only helpful in keeping your feet warm and comfy, but they also fit right in with the stay-at-home pandemic life loungewear trend. Wear them with oversized jackets, denim, and cozy leggings this winter.


Are loafers fashionable in 2022?

Both flat and heeled loafers will be popular in 2022. This classic shoe offers an ideal balance of practical comfort and an attractive appearance. Pair flat loafers with ankle-cut trousers, jeans, yoga pants, and a jacket for a dressed-up yet relaxed look. Choose block heels or open backs for heeled loafers and pair them with midi-length skirts, fitted trousers, and wide-leg jeans.


Are Birkenstocks fashionable in 2022?

Birkenstocks have become a trendy sandal standard, especially in 2022, when it's all about comfort. They're a joy to wear because of the contoured and ergonomic footbeds with arch support. Furthermore, there appears to be an infinite number of materials and colors to pick from. They look great with anything from denim shorts and beautiful sundresses to mom jeans and tailored trousers.


Are ankle boots still in fashion in 2022?

As a concept, ankle boots are always in trend, yet, the specifics fluctuate with the seasons. Look for combat ankle boots with hefty soles with a lot of attitude in 2022. Laces and square toes are also famous for their more intricate design when it comes to colors, the brighter, the better, with all colors of the rainbow and white on-trend.



With warmer weather on the horizon, it's time to update your wardrobe, beginning with the best walking shoes for women. After all, nothing beats finally putting away your insulated boots and salt-scuffed shoes at the end of a hard winter. However, according to sneakers are the ideal walking shoes for women when we're not dancing the night away (or when we are!). Retro '70s shoes may brighten up a simple look, while '90s platforms are still popular.